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A whistleblower is typically an employee who reports company criminal misconduct publically in order to have corrective action taken. Usually such misconduct takes the form of a regulatory compliance violation, a safety violation, financial fraud or something that is a direct threat to the public or the employees. Classic whistleblower cases include Enron and the tobacco companies.

Know Your Whistleblowing Rights for 2013?

Qui Tam is part of the False Claims Act (FCA), which enables a private citizen to file a lawsuit in on behalf of the U.S. Government for fraud by contractors and other businesses that use federal funds. Qui Tam prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee for attempting to report fraud.

Qui Tam law covers pretty much everything except fraud against the IRS. Qui Tam covers cases of fraud against Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, GSA, HUD, USDA, U.S. Postal Service, NIH and the military. There is a new IRS Whistleblower program out that handles cases of tax fraud.

The following financial institutions must comply with Basel II:

Commercial banks